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About Gareth Stevens

For the past 30+ years, Gareth Stevens Publishing has focused on high-interest nonfiction titles aligned to meet curriculum objectives for grades Pre-K through 8. From an exciting line of nonfiction books designed for early-emergent to fluent readers, to engaging, on-level nonfiction books supporting the curriculum at the elementary grades, and curriculum-related topics for middle school students, our titles lead children to a lifetime of learning through high-quality, high-interest materials. Gareth Stevens proudly introduces Report Builder as its inaugural digital resource.

About Report Builder

Report Builder is a content-driven, visually stimulating, and media-rich online research resource specifically designed for learners in grades K–4. Report Builder’s interactive question-and-answer approach supports inquiry-based learning and helps emerging researchers find the information they need to write reports. Curriculum-based topics are concise and supported by eye-catching visuals.

Developed for Grade K to 4 learners with their unique learning styles and sensibilities in mind, Report Builder features an appealing, friendly interface. This resource is richly illustrated with hundreds of stunning images.

Report Builder informs and inspires learners about key topics, including life science, earth science, space science, social studies, history, and social and emotional learning.

Report Builder includes resources to support and reinforce multiple learning styles, including text-to-speech and printable articles.

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