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Gareth Stevens Report Builder is a content-driven, visually stimulating, and media-rich online research resource specifically designed for learners in grades K–4. Report Builder’s interactive question-and-answer approach supports inquiry-based learning and helps emerging researchers find the information they need to write reports. Curriculum-based topics are concise and supported by eye-catching visuals. Developed for Grade K to 4 learners with their unique learning styles and sensibilities in mind, Report Builder features an appealing, friendly interface.

Report Builder supports 21st century learning by helping learners use digital resources to conduct research for reports and homework help. The resource informs and inspires learners about key topics including life science, earth science, and space science; people in the community; U.S. history and geography; and social and emotional learning. Report Builder includes resources to support and reinforce multiple learning styles, including text-to-speech and printable articles.

If you do not find the answer to your question in our extensive help section, please contact us for further assistance.

System Requirements

Report Builder is supported on Windows and macOS. To ensure the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of your preferred browser:
  • Chrome or Chromium-based browser (current and previous two versions)
  • Firefox (current and previous two versions)
  • Safari (current and previous two versions)

The site is compatible with Apple and Android devices, netbooks, interactive whiteboards, Chromebooks, 2-in-1 laptops, and learning management systems such as Blackboard and Google+.

Report Builder supports integration with all major LMS systems.


Report Builder includes text-to-speech by ReadSpeaker. ReadSpeaker works within all supported browsers.

Accessing the Site

Gareth Stevens Report Builder is a subscription-based website. You can log on to the site in four ways by:

  • Entering your username and password
  • Referring URL
  • IP authentication
  • Google Single Sign-On

If you have trouble accessing the site, please contact the person inside your school, library, or institution in charge of database access. If you need further help, please contact us. When contacting us, please have your account information ready, including the name of your institution or the individual on the account.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Institutions can configure Google Single Sign-On (SSO) to make it fast and easy for users to access multiple products. Interested customers should contact Customer Care to implement SSO with Report Builder. If your institution uses SSO, and has configured Report Builder to work with it, you can simply click the purple “Instant Login” button on the far right of the upper navigation bar and sign in with your institution’s Google SSO credentials.

Editorial Philosophy

For the past 30+ years, Gareth Stevens Publishing has focused on high-interest nonfiction titles aligned to meet curriculum objectives for grades Pre-K through 8. Report Builder is Gareth Stevens’s inaugural digital resource. It pairs rich and reliable content written and designed expressly for learners in grades K–4 with interactive digital tools. Information throughout is presented in an accessible manner, which makes Report Builder real, relevant, engaging, and an excellent resource for completing school reports and assignments. Promoting digital literacy and contemporary and traditional research skills, Report Builder is an invaluable learning tool for 21st-century learners.

Report Builder provides comprehensive curricular support. Correlated to state and national standards, and Canadian provincial learning outcomes, Report Builder is a reliable source for science and social studies research and reports. Content is sourced from a talented range of experts, educators, and authors with experience tailoring material for learners in grades K–4. Dynamic photos partner with easy-to-follow, age-appropriate text to offer learners content that is both required and inspired.

Gareth Stevens Report Builder does not accept advertising.

Usage Statistics and Educator Tools

Gareth Stevens Report Builders offers materials to help librarians and educators effectively promote this online resource. Educators can also view usage statistics. You will find the tools you need here.


Gareth Stevens is committed to ensuring that our products are accessible to all users, including persons with disabilities.

Report Builder meets all level-one guidelines of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. It is also designed to meet Priority 1 and 2 of the Web 3 Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. Compliance with each of these guidelines has also been documented and reviewed during the visual design build phase.

If you have trouble accessing or reading any part of this site, please contact us.

Navigation and Search

From the Report Builder homepage, users can select their topic of study from the categories: Animal Habitats and Homes; Birds; Caring for Myself and Others; Dinosaurs and Fossils; Holidays and Celebrations; People in My Community; Reptiles and Amphibians; Solar System; U.S. Presidents; U.S. Symbols and Landmarks; and Weather and Seasons. Selecting either the icon or the title will open the database on that topic category.

Once inside a chosen database, the user can search by visual browse, alphabetical search, or title search.

Visual Browse

Visual browse is accessed through the homepage of each database. Once inside the database, articles are displayed with an image of the subject of the article and the article title. Users scroll down to see all of the articles in the database. Clicking on the image or title will open the article.

Alphabetical Search

At the top of the homepage screen for each database is an alphabetical navigation bar. Click on a letter in this navigation bar to see all the article titles starting with that letter within the database.

Title Search

Users can search for an article through the text search box at the top of the database homepage. At least three characters must be typed in the box for the search to begin. As the field is populated, text search results will appear in a dropdown menu below the box. Selecting one of these results will take the user to that article.

If no search results appear, check the spelling of the search term, try a different search term, or use a different search method.


All articles in Report Builder are laid out in the same format to allow for easy reading and navigation. Photos from the article appear at the top. Right and left arrows allow users to scroll through the images.

Below the photos, each article is divided into cards with eye-catching icons and curriculum-based topic questions. Clicking the question or icon will open that card, providing learners with the answer through accessible text and media.

At the bottom of each article, there is a citation in MLA (Modern Language Association) Ninth Edition format.

While scrolling through the article, an arrow appears on the right side of the screen. Clicking this arrow returns to the top of the article.


Report Builder is proud to offer text-to-speech by ReadSpeaker. Text-to-speech helps newer, struggling, or ESL readers by allowing them to listen to the text as it is read aloud.

Text-to-speech is activated by clicking the Listen button in the top right navigation bar. This will automatically start text-to-speech and text highlighting. Clicking the Listen button will also open a window that displays the audio controls. These controls allow users to pause and play the audio.


In all articles, the Print button in the top right navigation bar will open a new window that allows the current article to be printed.

If you have difficulty printing, please check your printer setup.


Click the Email button in the top right navigation bar to email an article to yourself or someone else. When you click this button, a new window will open. You must enter your name, your email address, and the recipient’s email address in the provided form. If you wish to send the article to yourself, put your own email address in the field for the recipient’s email address.

You may also enter an optional greeting/message to the recipient and attach images from the article to your email if you wish. The article citation will also be included in the email in MLA (Modern Language Association) Ninth Edition format.

Email messages, in rare cases, may take up to an hour to be received after they are sent. If you have trouble receiving email sent from the site, please check your email junk mailbox or filter, or check the spelling of the email address to which you are sending.

Saving Articles

There are two ways to save articles from Report Builder to read and share later. First, click the Save button in the top right navigation bar to automatically download a PDF version of the article. Check your downloads folder to find the PDF on your computer. The article content and photos will appear in the PDF. Images for the article appear in small, medium, and large sizes.

Report Builder also allows articles to be saved directly to Google Drive. Click the Save button in the upper left navigation bar to download a copy to your Google Drive.

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